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Saturday 20 September 2014

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Your mobile phone can do more than texting and making calls!
Unleash the power of your mobile phone, make use of Mobile Applications.
Here are some useful Mobile applications(Mobile Apps) for your mobile phone...
  • MobiTour

  • MobiTour is a Mobile tour assistant that helps Tourists to find better places to visit in East Africa.
    This Mobile App was one of the 30 BEST awarded Apps (out of 80+) on the Ignite Hackathon held in April 2012, Nairobi-Kenya. The event was hosted by Emobilis and sponsored by Nokia. Click for More Info

  • MegaCalc

  • MegaCalc is a Powerful Tool on your mobile phone that helps you to monitor your Health and perform complex calculations/ Conversions in a fraction of a second!
    MegaCalc was one of the 13 Awarded Apps (out of 76) on the Nokia Hackathon 2012 Click for More Info

Leonard Emmanuel Swigo
Mobile Apps Developer / Nokia Developer Certified Trainer
The developer of MobiTour, MegaCalc

Swigo, believes that being a software developer is as easy as "is", it just costs an interest to be a successful one.
Everything we do in our daily lives is becoming mobile; Banking, Health, Education, Business transactions, and many more. We need services on the go...
"The Future Isn't About Mobile; It's About Mobility."
For those who believe in Future, will definitely believe in Mobile computing; "The next BIG thing".

Swigo, who works as an Assistant Lecturer at St. John's University of Tanzania (SJUT) is a graduate of Strathmore University (MSc.Information Systems) and he took his Bachelor Degree (BSc.ICTM) at Mzumbe University.
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